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Kopi Susu Kambing Lala (15 Sachet X 25g)
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Goji Berry 

-High In Antioxidants

-Beta-Carotene For eye health,Bone Health ,Skin Health and cell development

-Zeaxanthin supports the immune system 

-Soothing & anti-inflmmatory properties 

-Super Yummy!!!



Fun Facts:

-Energy Booster

-Aids In concentration

-Increases metabolic rate = helps with burning fat

-Huge source of antioxidants 



Goat's Milk

Fun Facts:

-More Probiotics compared to cow's milk

-Full of natural vitamins and minerals 

-Plenty of calcium 

-Slight lower levels of lactose for those sensitive tummies to lactose.


*Improves digestion ,Boosts metabolism & MORE superior to table salt

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